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Francisco Martín Moreno has generated a vast reading audience through his political and historical novels such as México Negro, Las Grandes Traiciones de México (Black Mexico, Chronicles of Mexico’s most infamous treasons), and México Secreto (Secret Mexico)—which has already become a classic of all times.

In this novel, the author takes the reader by surprise with scenes of our present time, in which he powerfully imagines what Mexico City could be in the near future, with 25 million people, victims of a prolonged drought . . . A meteorological phenomenon which had frequently affected the Aztec capital even before its foundation.

Joint irresponsibility of the government and society is examined, since both generated the most scandalous and daring agglomeration of people in humanity’s history—a vulnerable and threatening conglomerate that now exists in the Valley of Mexico, evidently, a byproduct of Mexican authoritarianism. The consequences will indeed be serious. They occur when nature, sick of so many abuses, decides to act through a long drought, which generates millions of deaths due to the absence of rain, because it adversely affects countless vital cycles on which human beings depend for survival.

Who can imagine Mexico City and its surroundings without water—not even for years, as it happened during Mayan and Teotihuacán empire times—but for 15 days. No precious liquid that satisfies the most basic human needs. Flies, plagues, darkness caused by the lack of electrical energy due to the lack of water in dams—all work together to generate an ecological and unprecedented apocalypse in world history.

If proper steps are not taken, thirst will be the undeniable enemy in the twenty-first century. The catastrophes to follow will surpass the wildest imagination of the most Dantean writer.


Francisco Martín Moreno’s forceful prose and endless imagination raises a red flag to the possibility of a looming drought, like those that have gripped the Valley of Mexico since pre-Columbian times and served as the detonator to the War of Independence and the 1910 Revolution. Can we take the necessary measures to avoid a future catastrophe? 1810, 1910… 2010? Brimming with political intrigue and an awakening environmental awareness, the novel offers a crystal ball for the possible future of Mexico.



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