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An investigation turned into a novel on the origins of Latin America’s underdevelopment. In his unique and attractive style, which features thorough research and narrative mastery, Francisco Martín Moreno reveals the story of United Fruit, the huge North American monopoly that exploited and subjugated Central America, several Caribbean countries, and Colombia for more than half a century. The reader will find atrocious descriptions of incidents committed by the frutera, the most powerful banana company in the world. The author presents the reader with a documented report of complicity and servility of banana governments, always skillfully, efficiently, militarily, and bureaucratically manipulated from the top political and commercial North American spheres.
With all this, Martín Moreno aims at explaining in this novel the origins of one of the Latin American underdevelopment episodes. The reader will find answers, or perhaps more questions, as crucial as the following: Why is Latin America a rich continent with poor people? Is it valid to accept absolute guiltlessness and make the United States responsible for everything negative that has happened to our countries? What is the role of the Catholic Church in the Latin world, and what is the role of the Protestant Church in the Saxon world? Where can we find the origin of the corruption which devours our people nowadays? Is there any place for love, passion, and desire in the realms of ambition? In the author’s answers to such questions, the reader will find not only the key to our past, but also to our future development.



For over half a century, The United Fruit Company exploited Central America, Colombia, and various other countries in the Caribbean, wielding its power to the extent of imposing presidents and overthrowing those who did not bend to their will. The author provides a documented denunciation of the complicity and obsequiousness of the “banana” governments —governments that were effectively manipulated, militarily and bureaucratically, by the highest political and mercantile echelons in the United States.

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