The Response is a clear and simple study on how Mexico came to its current crisis and how to overcome it.

Carefully researching our past, Francisco Martín Moreno finds failures and motives generating the tremendous problems of our present-day Mexico including: presidential politics, charro unions (populist unions), corruption, authoritarianism, ignorance, functional illiteracy, lack of cohesion and social responsibility, as well as rejection of democratic changes.
As Martín Moreno says, “Events that have been occurring since1994 (Zapatist war, Colosio’s murder [presidential candidate who was assassinated during a political demonstration], and drug trafficking, among others) are nothing more than a RESPONSE to our concept of democratic life, to the centenary authoritarianism that Mexicans have exerted against each other over the last century, A RESPONSE—a consequence of everything we have done or not done.”



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