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The Apology, as in any of his previous novels, the author transports readers to the last consequences of this basic reflection of his narrative art. Here, however, the question is not about power but about the powerful, the character personifying that force and directing it around him, and also about his intimate sphere, where he may reveal himself without any makeup or mask whatsoever. For such purposes, the author has used a story confronting power against itself: Silverio Cortines, Mexican politician par excellence, symbol of the dark history in our society, who is confronted by his own daughter, representative of the new generation of Mexican politicians. Intelligent and determined, Josefa is conscious of the problems in the country and knows that their solution shall be found abolishing their historical causes—in part thanks to the actions of powerful men—such as her father.
In The Apology, in contrast to his previous novels, Martín Moreno advances highly transcendental theses in order to understand our current situation, namely, the analysis of our education, including the educational system, as well as academic instruction as an attitude and conscience of life and existence.

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