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In Secret Mexico, the author reveals little-known passages regarding the historical importance of the famous Zimmermann Telegram, which led the United States to rise in arms against the German empire in the beginning of 1917.

The ultrasecret message sent by the German foreign relations ministry to President Carranza provoked a scandalous global upheaval once British intelligence decoded it.

From national and foreign files, details on the intimate life of President Carranza were obtained which, undoubtedly, will catch the attention of the reader. An intense love plot, woven between a German spy and a woman from Chiapas, finds a prominent place in this Mexican narrative. The tale is spun around manufactured arms, bombs, and sabotage machinery designed to generate international conflicts and weaken the Allies.

Secret Mexico provides, in addition to a buildup of dramatic tension, intimate details of the scope of international espionage in which Mexico participated so intensely. The operations instigated by the kaiser in order to provoke armed interventions by the United States into Mexico are revealed, which finally led to the terrible outbreak of World War I. Mexico, so close to the United States—and so far from God!



Francisco Martín Moreno delves into little-known passages relating to the historical significance of the Zimmermann Telegram, which led the US to raise arms against the German Empire in 1917. The top-secret message sent by the Germans to President Carranza, once decoded by British intelligence, sparked a worldwide fire. The details of an intense love affair between a German spy and a Mexican woman who manufactured weapons to launch international conflicts, round off the novel.



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