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The more you kill, the more you govern.


The official version tells us that after Álvaro Obregón was elected president, he was shot and murdered by José del León Toral; however, the autopsy revealed 13 bullet holes with no exit wounds in the corpse and 6 more with exit wounds. Forensics also revealed that the shots had been fired with various guns and different calibers and concluded that the individual who shot him used six guns or, rather, possibly, there were six shooters. As if this crime weren’t polemic enough, all “possible” witnesses began dying, one by one. They were murdered under strange circumstances a few months after the terrible attack on July 17, 1928.

The list of suspects of this national disgrace and shame includes: President Plutarco Elías Calles; the CROM’s founder (Mexican Laborist’s Union), Luis N. Morones; the renowned mother Conchita; and a series of dark characters, influential within the Mexican church, who organized a national commercial boycott to subdue the government and closed the churches in order to deprive parishioners of spiritual consolation, which made them furious.

This information was carefully concealed for 80 years. It finally came to light in this revealing historical novel filled with action and intrigue, supported by thorough research. The plot includes a long series of historical murders, among them, Madero’s, Carranza’s, Serrano’s, and Villa’s.

Nineteen shots. One murderer. In his most recent novel, Francisco Martín Moreno probes into the circumstances surrounding Álvaro Obregón’s assassination, including the list of related murders and the Church’s compromising position in these events. Backed by meticulous and thorough investigation, this revealing historical novel, brimming with action, intrigue, and yes, love, finally exposes the information that has been carefully concealed for 80 years. According to the official version, president Álvaro Obregón was shot to death by José de León Toral. Autopsy findings, however, established 13 entrance wounds and 6 exit wounds made by different bullet calibers. Did the shooter use 6 different guns? Or were there in reality 6 different shooters? To complicate matters even more, all potential witnesses to the homicide died under suspicious circumstances or were murdered in the few months that followed that tragic 7th of July in 1928. The list of suspects includes President Plutarco Elías Calles, Luis N. Morones, founder of the CROM (Mexico’s largest labor federation), the renowned Mexican abbess Madre Conchita, and other obscure high-ranking men within Mexican clergy.


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