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This is based on the true history of what the Mexican nation concealed from its people for the last 150 years.

Mutilated México is a denouncing shout, full of rage and contagious impotence. “Why have we Mexicans talked so little about the 1846 war against the United States? Why have we not assessed the scope of the catastrophic defeat which resulted, among other negatives, in the loss of half our national territory? Why don’t we dare take a look at the infected wound that is still festering?”.

This historical novel aims to reveal how the top hierarchy of the church, distinguished generals, presidents of the republic, renowned creoles, aristocrats, businessmen, governors, deputies, and senators conspired against their own country. Should the lyrics of the national anthem read “Every Mexican for himself”?
“What have we learned from that war and traumatic experience? Now, almost 160 years later, are we Mexicans more united, educated, and prepared? Have we reduced the gap between the United States and us? Evidently, no one has realized that those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it time after time, with many more tragic consequences. Certainly, it was more convenient to conceal the truth than throw light on our past in order to unmask, once and for all, the authentic enemies of Mexico”.

Mutilated México, a political novel, provides the reader with explanations no one has ever dared to give…



General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, several times president of Mexico, is the main character of this novel by best-selling Mexican author, Martín Moreno. It covers the historical period (1846-1848) in which Mexico saw its territory reduced to half due to the expansionistic pressure of the United States, the ambition and treasons of those who held power, and because by then it was already outlined in the future of the nation that it would be subject to traitors, thieves, and dishonesty by those in power.

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