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“Are we a country of traitors?”

The word “treason” taints, time after time, the pages of Mexico’s history. Treason is committed by men and women, exemplary people, sitting or past presidents in duty or past elected, legislators, journalists, judges, land owners, union or military leaders, politicians, intellectuals, people of every social strata, trend, or conviction. In this novel, the reader will be captivated by historically based actions of some of the following historical characters: Iturbide, la “Güera” Rodríguez, Francisco Villa, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Morelos, Álvaro Obregón, Plutarco Elías Calles, La Carambada, Benito Juárez, Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Serrano, Arnulfo Gómez, Manuel Peláez, Venustiano Carranza, Francisco I. Madero, José María Pino Suárez, and Victoriano Huerta, among other victims—or killers.

In this work, a series of treasons take place, which shows how Mexico’s history has been scarred. In this first volume, treasons by historical characters, as well as by institutions such as the Catholic Church, the military, the press, and judicial powers, are disturbingly described.



An analysis of the long chain of transgressions that extend throughout the story of Mexico; many of which have, regrettably, been carried out by national heroes, heroes of the revolution, and even those we call founding fathers. Based on extensive documented research and written in a dynamic, energetic and thoroughly enjoyable style, these and other episodes make up an undeniable page-turner. Written by an author convinced a deep understanding of one s nation s history, in all its harsh reality, is vital.

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