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Civil governments should not mingle with religion since, being their duty to protect the freedom of the people, they govern to practice any religion they choose to by being partisans to any religion they would not fully comply with such duty.


The role of the Catholic Church in the tragic and painful Mexican nineteenth century conceals countless answers which could explain our country’s current situation.
The ecclesiastical hierarchy accumulated wealth for more than three centuries and colluded with the military to overthrow governments such as Juárez’s and establish empires like Iturbide’s and Maximiliano’s. It also opposed the ideas generated by the French Revolution, rejected progress by force, and sold itself to the highest bidder using the pulpit and confessionaries to promote its earthly interests. In addition, it hindered literacy for the general population and concentrated education on the privileged few. It also exerted journalistic censure by means of kidnapping and torture. The clerical institution exhausted society, excommunicated those who swore on the Constitution of 1857, and defended its privileges with canons. It owned more than half the real estate in the country, as well as banks, mortgage companies, secret police, and clandestine jails. The ecclesiastical hierarchy enjoyed tax exemptions, collected tithes by force, and financed wars, such as the War for Reformation, inviting partisans to kill with plenary indulgence.
In this novel, the reader is taken back to the nineteenth century to discover political, religious, and military secrets carefully concealed through an exciting narrative interwoven with love.



One day of 1891, in the cells of San Juan de Ulúa two prisoners recount the tremendous secrets related to the true roll of the catholic clergy at decisive moments of Mexico’s history, and how the Catholic Church, always linked to the political power, in order to defend its interests, betrayed, corrupted, manipulated and lied from the shadows.



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