Mexicans against the Light

This work first came to light with the title Los Mexicanos en Pantuflas (Mexicans in Slippers). The current edition contains new memories, which include new cynical, sober, serene, violent, painful, passionate, or humorous confessions of the most varied characters on the national scene.

The author of classical historical novels continues to try to “X-ray” contemporary Mexicans much as physicians analyze their patients’ X-rays using a revealing light to display the whole picture in order to provide a precise diagnosis.
In Mexicans against the Light, the most intimate feelings and reasoning of memorable characters in this colorful mosaic of national idiosyncrasy became a novel. The reader will find Memorias de un preso (Memories of a convict), where he must guess the identity of the supposed author, as in the case of the memories of an ex-president, a member of a guerilla group, a dumb person, a heretic, an honorable woman, an Indian, a businessman, a collector, a fugitive, etc.

Just as Martín Moreno writes in the prologue to this work and, later on, in Memorias de un Escritor (Memories of a Writer), “Thanks to the novel, I have been able to live a hundred lives. If every single such life has been a journey through madness, I want to die in a crazy state, mixing up the delicious border between reality and art, where one can find illusion, lies, pleasure, power, and humility, where the actual personality of the author supporting his creation lies hidden. All this is a wonderful game where, as Borges said, the writer writes as seriously as a child plays…”.


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