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After reading Black Mexico, one has the feeling that anything has changed, not even protagonists . . .
Black Mexico is one of the classical Mexican novels of all times. To read it has become compulsory for the last generation of the twentieth century in order to understand the origin of contemporary Mexico.
Black Mexico deals with oil in Mexico from the last part of the nineteenth century up to expropriation of the oil industry by Lázaro Cárdenas.
Martín Moreno asks himself: If in revolutionary times there were no strong (or weak) currencies to buy arms given the lack of a national military industry, where did the money come from to import them? How was it possible to purchase these weapons if the money was not available in the currency of other countries and precious metals were not available in Mexico due to internal conflicts? Where did the money come from in order for Mexicans to kill each other?
What foreign arms supplier would sell a single stick of dynamite to the rebels if their merchandise was to be paid for with insolvent money Pancho Villa had printed the previous night in his train car?
Why was the German kaiser so interested in the United States declaring war on Mexico? How did the Germans, English, and Americans influence the unfolding events?
Perverted love, high finance, political blackmail, military intervention threats, bribery, abuse, fights for oil fields, crime, fraud, and naïveté are present in Black Mexico as part of the history of our country.



General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, several times president of Mexico, is the main character of this novel by best-selling Mexican author, Martín Moreno. It covers the historical period (1846-1848) in which Mexico saw its territory reduced to half due to the expansionistic pressure of the United States, the ambition and treasons of those who held power, and because by then it was already outlined in the future of the nation that it would be subject to traitors, thieves, and dishonesty by those in power.

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