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Besides the dramatic and abundant bloodshed, we can undoubtedly say that the other major constant in Mexico’s history—along with betrayals—are lies.
Is there a possible correlation between these two inclinations amongst Mexicans? It is imperative that we face our past without prejudice and embrace the truth without fear or hesitation.

The lack of a good memory is linked to the absence of a supportive, constructive, useful, and progressive sense of citizenship; the knowledge of our history, devoid of myths, will help us create a genuine critical awareness and a promising horizon to follow and reach without false visions and disappointing illusions.

The perverse myths disseminated by the official history should not prevent us from having a clear image of who we were and are as a country, nor set ourselves a clear picture that celebrates and highlights our intelligence and dignity. In order to do so, we need to draw back those fatal veils, that in their efforts to prevail a dominance of one or other political groups, the official history has spread irresponsibly.

If the truth will set us free, let us go meet it without delay.
100 Myths of Mexican History appears in two volumes, oriented as an approach to understand and finally acknowledge our historical truth.





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